Japan’s Cherry Blossoms
Beautiful Pink Sakura
Beautiful Pink Sakura

Japan’s Cherry Blossoms

In Japan, the appearance of cherry blossoms, known as sakura, signals the beginning of spring. Sakura (cherry blossoms) blanket the Japanese landscape in the spring, painting the country with its gentle pink hue. Sakura (桜) is a general name for plants that belong to the subfamily of the Rosaceae. The English name for sakura is cherry blossom.

The Sakura or Cherry Blossom is one of Japan’s most popular seasons of the year. Like in many countries, the flora is flowering and warmer weather arrives, and everyone is very welcome to enjoy the season. Depending on the weather conditions and location, the best time you can look at the beautiful pink colors between March and May.

However, they are more than simply beautiful trees, as the sakura has powerful ties to Japan’s history, culture, and identity. In the limited flowering period, the Japanese love to celebrate and cherish cherry trees and many people celebrate flower-watching festivities known as Hanami. In view of the cultural importance of the sakura, the flowering of the Cherry bloom is a focus of countless events, festivals and specialty tours.

Locals organize local festivals each year in spring. Hanami refers more specifically to observing the full blossom of the cherry trees. Hanami, probably the easiest thing to do in Japan, is very easy to do: enjoy the sight of the whole flower of the sakura tree(s). You can walk around the park and have a picnic from a distance or close by. Just don’t touch the sakura, pull them, and bring your waste with you.

Sakura flowers bloom and die fast. Floral petals constantly fall down and paint the ground with a beautiful carpet of pale pink or white petals.

I could not take more photos because of the corona virus. Maybe next year I will try to take as much as more photos of Sakura.

Enjoy the Cherry Blossom (Sakura at Toneri Park Tokyo, Japan)

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