My Short Nepali Movies

My Short Nepali Movies

Homework - Short Nepali Movie
Homework - Short Nepali Movie

What is a short film?
A short film is any film not long enough to be considered a feature film. They can last up to 40 minutes and be as short as 5 minutes. Short films are a great way to develop your filmmaking skills and make your creative mark.

7 Tips On Making A Short Film

  1. Outline your idea and write out your script.
  2. Make a Story-board for each shot in the film.
  3. Choose the actors and crew.
  4. Make a simple and quick scene
  5. Decide the scene you need in each shot and make a plan accordingly.
  6. Choose a shooting location (external or internal)
  7. Determine the equipment you are going to use (like a camera, lenses, light, mic etc)

Homework – 60 Sec Short Nepali Film
Education is by far the main priority of every child and parent. Over the years different generations have had varying levels of the load when it comes to school work, with every successive generation having to bear more load than the last.

In an age where information is regarded as the supreme power, have we forgotten what it is like to be a child? Have future responsibilities of adult life replaced the joyful playfulness and sense of discovery of the child?

Encounter – Short Nepali Action Film
he hopes of the government rest on one agent as he embarks on a mission to save not just a girl but the secret she carries with herself. A secret which, is decoded by the criminal underground could spell disaster for the country. Our agent has but one order, find and kill the kidnappers and save the girl. Prepare yourselves as the agent loads his gun and prepares for the imminent encounter.

Computer Engineer – Short Comedy Film
What kind of questions faced by computer engineers in their daily life.

Euphoria | Happy Valentine’s Day Short Film
Sudden happiness, a feeling of bliss, the joy that came of freedom and a new life – these were the gifts she gave to him.

Sci-Fi Short Nepali Film | Fade Out (Holi Special)
This story is about a girl and a water gun.

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