Make awesome video with 10 best travel vlogging tips
top 10 travel vlogging tips - Kanchan Raj Pandey
top 10 travel vlogging tips - Kanchan Raj Pandey

Make awesome video with 10 best travel vlogging tips

Do you have no prior experience creating and editing video? Don’t worry! I have 10 best travel vlogging tips for you.

Everyone has to start somewhere, no matter where they are in their filming or editing careers.

Videos on the travel come in many forms, from the usual style of vlogging and talking to a more street-style gun shoot and it is important for you to know what kind of videos you want to make before you start shooting. Personally, I myself prefer a cinematic, fast-cut, inspiring video with little or no story.

For photography and vlogging, I use a Canon T4i with a 50mm lens and a GoPro Hero 9 Black camera. I started editing my first videos with Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas because they were simple to use. I now shifted to DaVinci Resolve 17, which in a single software combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post-production.

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Here are my best top 10 tips to make your travel video awesome

1. Don’t film everything

Of course, it may be a super enhanced experience to visit a new place. The thrilling things that you have witnessed are very natural in exploring a new area. Your viewers don’t have to know it all, however. Actually, each and every moment of your trip must not also be recorded. Do not take so much part in travel that you forget to spend a good time on your trip.

So put it a little while to clarify what kind of video(s) you want to make. In this way, you save a lot of time with your camera battery, and have a better overall journey experience.

2. Keep your video steady, not shaky

Nobody likes a badly produced video. Even if the scenes are jerky or shaky, will you just skip the video or blog, right? Shaky video prevents people from watching your video longer. The shake occasionally when walking a path is good, but it’s a video that is always jerky that will keep people off.

By walking slower, you can reduce shakiness and make a conscious effort to stay on your camera. You can also use video stabilization tools available in software or applications for video editing. If possible, invest money in equipment for stabilizing your video.

3. Choose good music that emphasizes your video’s mood

Good music certainly always amplifies the mood, whether it’s movies, videos or vlogs. The songs you select and your vlogs have a background score that changes the atmosphere of the video to the next level.

For instance, when people watch your Bungee jumping vlogs, you certainly would want rock or pop music to rush adrenaline. Or you might want to make a cool video of your time at the beach by using chill, tropical beats.

The audio library on Youtube is an excellent place to have free music.

4. See many traveling videos

I love travel videos, they always put me in a good mood. It inspires and encourages me to do something new.

Most skills are best acquired by example and travel movies are no different from each other. I watched tons and tons of videos every week. I like to see how travel videos work, what formats they have used, why they have placed this clip in front of the other clip, why and how they shot some frame and I’d like to go, experiment, make a shot, and create my own style.

Watch some of the videos, pick and learn from your favorite.

5. Come up with a story

To create a chaos story, you need sufficient material to connect the dots and to come up with a start, a middle and an end. After a trip I would open all of my footage one at a time and try to find a common thread that can be connect into a story, for instance. You just have to make a loose story that fits your footage. This allows your viewers to stay busy enough to watch your videos until the end.

6. Include other people in your vlog

When other people are included, vlogs always get more interesting. You can include your friends or some locals you met during your trip. You can include them.

Try to involve your friends and ask them what they think or how much they liked about the journey so far. This definitely gives your video more taste and personality. They might even spill some beans on places to explore and things to do in the neighbourhood that will help your followers!

7. Short and sweet

Keep your videos short and sweet at all times. Understand that people’s ability to pay attention to videos has a time limit. The shorter the video with more content, the better for the viewers to spend their time on your channel.

The best time for videos is three minutes, because when videos are longer, a lot of people begin to lose interest. Also, segments of speech should not be longer than 30 seconds. It doesn’t seem like that for 30 seconds, but the people on social media are impatient and will move forward quickly if a video doesn’t hold their own.

8. Establish a clear point of interest

This is probably one of the toughest and longest time editing parts. You should pay attention to how the clips are connected if you wish to create a great travel video and distinguish it from others.

The first thing you should do is sit down and watch all of your footage, then ‘trim the fat’ – remove any unwanted, unnecessary, or poorly shot footage from your video reel. The more you can trim, the easier it will be to edit your video.

9. Get feedback

Find anyone who can provide you with feedback. Get them to tell you how from the outside you look. A new pair of eyes can see a better picture and can tell you how better to say something.

10. Properly export it

Finally, export your video with the correct setting to avoid the miserable finished product ruining all your hard work. A good rule of thumb is to export it with the source settings in the maximum quality possible.

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