Marriage Point Calculator

Marriage Point Calculator

What is Marriage Point Calculator?

A Marriage card game point calculator is a tool that can be used to quickly and easily calculate the number of points earned by a player or team during a game of Marriage. This can be done by inputting the number of tricks won, as well as the number of “marriage” cards (typically a queen or king of a specific suit) that were captured during those tricks. The calculator then uses a predetermined set of rules or point values to determine the final score for the player or team. These tools are commonly used in tournament play or friendly games where keeping score is important.

You can easily keep track of your marriage game points with a user-friendly UI, allowing you to focus on your game. This app is intended to help players keep track of their points in the Marriage card game. This app will save you a lot of time by having very simple and user friendly interfaces, allowing you to focus more on the game and less on the housekeeping pointing calculations.

Marriage Point Calculator

Check out Marriage Point Calculator awesome mobile app!

Why Marriage Point Calculator is the best app for marriage players!

  1. Speed: Points can be calculated in 90% less time. So you will get more time to play.
  2. Accuracy and easy: Automatic point calculation without error, Just enter the points (Maal only) and get the final point and amount.
  3. Designed by experience software engineers, very easy and few clicks required to use.
  4. Record keeping: All old games can be view inside app.
  5. Share Scoresheet: Directly share to the players, compatible to all IM and emails.
  6. Idle for expensive currency like dollar, euro, dinar: Point rate can be less than 1.
  7. Customizable: Can be played in different settings.
  8. No need of additional tools pens and paper.
  9. Compatible: Run on any device you want, including tablets and MacBooks equipped with Apple silicon.
Marriage Point Calculator
Marriage Point Calculator App

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