Enoshima Island Day Trip
writing my brand KRP
writing my brand KRP

Enoshima Island Day Trip

The last day before the holidays, we were having our lunch. this idea came to my mind. Oh, how about going on a trip? Then and Sanjeev started browsing the internet looking for beautiful destinations to visit around our place. Sanjeev came up with a beautiful destination Enoshima Island.

It is one of the small islands west of Kamakura. There were two alternatives while going to Enoshima Island by train through the Odakyu line. Either going through Odakyu Romance Car from Shinjuku to Enoshima without transfer or getting from another train of Odakyu line with the transfer. So we took the second option and our Journey starts from Shinjuku Station to Enoshima. It costs us JPY 630. The journey takes about 1 hour 15 minutes.

We four friends (Anil Shrestha, Sanjeev Budha, Sagar Giri, and Me) gathered at the Odakyu gate at Shinjuku Station. We’ve taken the South Entrance of the Odakyu Line. And our destination for that day was Katase-Enoshima Station, which was one of the nearest stations to Enoshima Island on the Odakyu line.

Reaching there we found Enoshima island was a very relaxing island to visit and every location can be accessed by walking, strolling around enjoying the most beautiful sights.

Katase Nishihama Beach (片瀬西浜) was another sand beach in the western opposite of Enoshima Island. The scenery of the beach was really beautiful and Mount Fuji, Izu Peninsula, and mountains in Hakone were seen in the west. The scenery in the dusk was splendid, too. This beach was most popular with Japanese, so it used to be crowded during the summer season.

Enoshima Shrine has three parts to it: the Outer Shrine (Hetsunomiya), the Middle Shrine (Nakatsunomiya), and the Inner Shrine (Okutsunomiya). It’ll only take a few minutes, if that, to reach the Outer Shrine area. It just takes a 20 min walk after crossing the ocean via the connecting bridge to Enoshima Island. Give yourself a little time to explore and look around. You’ll see quite a few restaurants on the way to the Inner Shrine, and it’s a good time to fortify yourself.

Lastly, we visited the Iwaya caves of Enoshima again by following the signs on our way on the island. These caves are located on the southern coast and you get an amazing view of the ocean. In the caves, you will find a statue of the legendary Dragon. It costs you an entrance fee of 500 yen.

Overall we had a great new year’s eve at Enoshima island.

Enoshima island travel vlog

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